About Us


Choukri Ben-Meriem

Photo by SD

My name is Choukri Ben Meriem. As an actor, I’ve been involved in short films in Paris for years and afterwards I was wondering, what’s next?! I was going around in circles, I had downtime and I decided to travel.

After Australia, I went to London, England. At that time, I realized there is a gap for an actor or a filmmaker. For instance, sometimes you have an idea for a film project but you don’t know how to develop it. Instead of waiting that something or someone comes to you, you need to do it by yourself, I mean to gather some skilled people around you. This is how I got my idea of “The Mavericks of Cinema”.

The Mavericks of Cinema is a platform that enables actors/filmmakers/screenwriters to submit their film project to producers and studios as a lead role or director. Once a producer has expressed interest in a project, the collaboration can begin.

This is another tool for actors/filmmakers/screenwriters to get a lead role/to direct/to write and for producers to develop a great film. The Mavericks of Cinema is a bridge presented as an opportunity to create films that are bold, original and innovative.